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English countryside Villa

Elegant luxury villa with impressive marbles

Riverside Manor is a beautiful country house in the English countryside along the banks of the River Thames, with large marble works custom designed and crafted in one piece. Elegance is the key word here.

Large-format Pure White Marble Staircase

Marbles: Carrara White, Istria Grey, Pure White, Imperial Bardiglio, Bardiglietto, Bronze Amani, Champagne Cream, Creme de Paris, Black and Gold, Bronze Amani, Laguna, Grafite, Nuvolato Grey, New Chiampo, Silver Wave, Elegant Brown, Atlantic,
Contractor: O & H Properties
Location: Berkshire, near Cookham Bridge – England

A turn-key project

The personal dialogue with the owner of the manor house allowed us to better understand his requests and translate his wishes into marble works. The project began with the careful evaluation of each single room and the drawing of artistic and technical sketches to grant personality in the smallest details. Our photorealistic renderings eased the choice amongst the different solutions and combinations. Stefano Facchini visited London frequently to follow the project, take measurements of the unfinished state and discuss the structural work, plumbing, electrical and heating systems with the site manager, always focusing on the properties of the marble chosen and the desired aesthetic result. All works were processed in our workshop with the greatest care and attention. The installation carried out by our team, experienced in installation with high quality finishes, was a key component in the success of the project. We guaranteed the owner our support from the very beginning, thanks to a total synergy with the building company.

Pure White, Silver Wave and Bardiglio Marble for the Conservatory

The “large size” for fine architectural works and designs

The project includes a huge variety of large-scale artefacts. For many of the works, we opted for the “large size” with slabs of up to 2 square metres to obtain a smooth, seamless surface. The result is an aesthetically pleasing and elegant design. We used precious natural marbles, both Italian and foreign, whose selection was of fundamental importance. The design and matching of the marbles was done according to the client’s preferences and the intended use of the single rooms with a complete all-round vision of the manor. The classic and contemporary style has created a very personal atmosphere inspired by the past.

Open Book Shower Covering in Atlantic Marble

Book-match processing floor and wall tiles

The “book-match” technique has been used for many floors and wall coverings. This involves the use of two or more slabs of veined marble, cut consecutively from the same block and then placed side by side in a mirrored pattern to create stunning natural shapes and images where one slab appears to be mirrored on the other. Here you can learn about the other processing techniques.

Open Book Flooring in Silver Wave Marble

The beauty of the symmetry of a double staircase

Pure White Marble Double Staircase

The double main staircase with 2 symmetrical flights is the architectural work that distinguishes the entire project. Its appeal is given by the symmetry of the two flights of stairs and the use of an extremely bright white marble that gives the room unparalleled elegance and light. The steps are made of one large piece: the entrance step measures 270 cm. During manufacturing and installation, the precious staircase was handled with utmost care and attention to achieve an extraordinary result where design, aesthetic, beauty, safety and functionality are balanced together. Among the several different staircases we have created with large elements, the one we are most proud of is the cantilever suspended staircase. Go to case history.

Fine marble for 12 bathrooms

There are 12 bathrooms in the villa, very elegant and refined for the master rooms and very welcoming and functional for the service, wellness and relax areas. The flooring, wall coverings, shower trays and washbasin tops are made of rare and precious marble, in some rooms with contrasting colour tones and in others with light matching hues. We used the book-match technique with large slabs of almost 200×100 cm, to create amazing artistic designs enhanced by natural veining.

Crema Champagne Marble Mistress Bathroom

Black & Gold and Pure White Marble Master Bathroom

Black & Gold and Pure White Marble Bathroom

Bronze Amani Marble Bathroom

400 square metres of fine flooring for the hall

The flooring in the lobby and entrance hall is made of pure white marble slabs in the large 100×100 cm format resulting in a smooth, seamless surface. This creates a contemporary design effect in which the lightness of the white marble adds brightness and space. The central elliptical decoration measures 12 x 7 metres. The same marble was also used for the floor and the covering of the pillars of the conservatory with elegant frames and mouldings. The contrasting colour embellishments are worked with the book-match technique using large 200×200 cm slabs.

Pure White, Silver Wave and Bardiglio Marble Hall with large-format

Modern and contemporary fireplaces

To add preciousness and warmth to the main rooms, we created three artistic fireplaces made of large elements up to more than 2 metres, in solid piece. Very unique and different works in a modern contemporary style:

  • fireplace in Istria Grey combined with Graphite for the TV room;
  • elegant fireplace in Pure White marble with floral motifs and acanthus leaves carved on the central bas-relief for the Study room;
  • Bronze Amani fireplace with steel elements for the Drawing room.

Tv Room Istrian Grey and Grafite Marble Fireplace Detail

Study Room with Pure White and Sivec White Marble Fireplace

Drawing Room with Bronze Amani Marble Fireplace

A waterfall fountain in front of the entrance

In front of the main entrance is the 4-level waterfall fountain. The water comes out of the central pinnacle and falls in four cascades onto the basins below to then flow towards the central body where the overflow is located. The water effects are fed by recirculating water.

New Chiampo Marble Cascade Fountain

A staircase to the main floor

At the front and back of the villa are the entrance stairs to the main floor. We used a light grey marble tone to confer brightness and space already from the outside. The overall villa style is in fact well balanced and coordinated throughout the exterior and interior.

The villa in a stiacciato painting

To complete the project, we depicted a view of the manor house from outside on a slab of white Carrara marble, using the stiacciato technique. This is the so-called flattened bas-relief with which, thanks to perspective and a minimal relief, a pictorial, illusionistic effect of depth is obtained. The artwork was created to satisfy the customer’s wish to have his own villa depicted in a painting hanging on the wall. To learn more about other techniques click here.

Stiacciato painting of the outside of the Villa

This project took us two years to complete and provided us with a great deal of gratification, firstly for the great satisfaction of the customer and secondly for the high level achieved in the technical aspects and quality of the details. With extraordinary functional and aesthetic solutions, we have translated every idea into reality. All rooms are a blaze of elegance and harmony.

If you would like to talk to us about your project or be contacted, please fill out the form.

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