Arte 2000 wins the “Palladio Award 2019” thanks to Beaux-Arts project
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Beaux-arts estate, Palladio award 2019 winner

Arte 2000 wins the Palladio Award 2019 thanks to Beaux-Arts project

Arte 2000 wins the “Palladio Award 2019” for the Craftsmanship, thanks to Beaux-Arts villa project of Atlanta in United States, in collaboration with Harrison Design studio.

We have planned and realized prestigious architectural and furniture marble elements for interior ambiences: a couple of fireplaces in first French Empire style, the columns made in Rouge Griotte marble decorated with bases and capitals in gold leaf, the staircase and the entrance hall flooring realized in Giallo Siena and Rouge Griotte marbles. All these monumental handmade works are in unique copy made with an artistic customized manufacturing.
This private residence, surrounded by the green countryside, recalls the magnificent greatness of the historic properties of the past. Beaux-Arts name is due to the architectural style that recalls the neoclassical taught at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. The complete project had lasted for nearly two decades and ended last year.

Beaux-Arts marble interiors. Arte 2000 work

Beaux-Arts marble interiors. Arte 2000 work

The majesty of two monumental hanging marble fireplaces

Concerning our project contribution, the added value is particularly due to the creation of two identical fireplaces, high nearly 7 meters, hanging and anchored to the opposite walls of the main lounge. A great challenge, especially for the stability and safety.
A very intense experience in which we transformed 25 tons of rough marble in eagles, noble decorations and floral bas-reliefs.
Think about that period remind us a lot of memories and anecdotes.

Fireplace in Var Beige marble handmade. Arte 2000 work

Fireplace in Var Beige marble handmade. Arte 2000 work. Photo by Antoine Bootz

We tell the complexity of the fireplaces work and the encountered and overcome difficulties in this case-history.

Also the supporting columns made with Rouge du Roi marble have their special history, here the case-history.

What is “Palladio Award – Traditional Building”?

The Palladio Award is an architectural award for the creative interpretation and the excellence in the traditional and classic design. In the United States it is the first unique national awards program for individual designers or business groups for the residential, commercial, institutional and public projects that express the beauty and tell the tradition. The aim is to protect the developed techniques in 2500 years of western architectural tradition.
It was established in honor of Andrea Palladio, the Italian Venetian architect of the Renaissance, who has marked the history with a new style called Palladian inspired by classical Roman principles.
This style had a great success in North America.

Ceremony of award assignment

The ceremony of “Palladio Award 2019” assignment will take place at the historical Boscobel House and Gardens museum, Garrison-New York U.S.A., 16 and 17 July 2019.

Here you can read the article of the complete project Beaux-Arts Estate.