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Handcrafted Marble Workshop



Arte 2000 is a handcrafted Italian workshop of artistic marble working which is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso in the artistic and traditional section of works with technical and professional high-level.

We work the marble for the creation of interior and exterior furnishings, architectural elements, sculptures and ornamental products which are intended to valorize prestigious locations all over the world.

We take care of our customers since the initial planning period with a complete analysis of the commissioned work and we can recommend different solutions to personalize every detail overcoming technical, functional and aesthetic difficulty. Every work is custom-made according to the different tastes, to the type of the selected marble, to the location and to the final destination.

In June 2023 we received from the Veneto Region the recognition of Historical Craftsmsn’s Workshop thanks to the long tradition of the Facchini family linked to the world of stone for over one hundred years.

From 1922 with Emilio Facchini in Istria to the current workshop of Stefano Facchini in Colle Umberto in the province of Treviso. Here the press release.

With a careful study of the artistic and technical drawings, the artist-sculptor realizes the work carving it with craftsmanship and professionalism in order to communicate the value of his manual skill through our unique products.


Our professional consultation is at customer disposal also to define, to organize and to handle the heavy and voluminous products including their assembly and installation. A quality work will be such if all these phases are coordinated and made in synergy with competence. For the installation we collaborate with a qualified and trusted team with which we work since many years.


The knowledge of English, German and French languages allows us to build a personal and direct relationship with the international customers, to understand the different customs, habits and needs and to learn the tastes and the typical priorities of the different countries. We are specialized in the planning and in the realization of works for interior and exterior locations, particularly baths, staircases, majestic fireplaces for private residence and monumental fountains with games of water and lights for private and public gardens.


We offer to the customers, the architects, the designers, the residents all over the world, and to anyone with an attraction for the high-quality “Made in Italy”, an extremely refined production given by the combination between the artistic and technical planning, the custom-made handcrafted production, the assistance, the consultation and the customized installation.


italian marble workshop


The artistic and technical high-level that we have reached in the planning, in the manufacturing and in the installation, also thanks to our practical experience, allows us to always face new challenges also overcoming the limits imposed by the weight of the marble. We consider these challenges an incentive to grow and to improve.


The following list is a summary review of the variety of custom-made marble works that we are able to realize:

In addition to the exclusivity of the custom-made works, we can also realize products which are conceived on our design and project and they can be customized according to the phase of the reached work. Please contact us for any further information.


Our blog


The charming of the stone deserves to be discovered!


The purpose of this blog is that to get you interested in a world that belongs to human history.
We make available the experience and the knowledge in order to tell you our craft and what revolves around this reality.

We will talk about works, monuments, sculptors, materials, manufacturing techniques, tradition, antique tools and many other topics grouped in the main categories:



Your opinions will be an opportunity to compare notes and a stimulus to continue the development of this project.
Enjoy the reading!




Since 2016 we participate in the projects of the “School-Work” which include the partnership with the Technical Institutes and the Schools of Art for the integration of the students in the labour market through the learning of the trade. In our workshop they can study the different types of marbles and experience the basic ancient techniques of stone manufacturing to become stonemasons.

italian marble workshop


The Museum


In 2020 we have created a guided tour in our workshop where we tell our history. By booking, it is possible to be accompanied to discover marble and our reality. Find out more on the page dedicated to our museum.


The Family History


Facchini family Emilio-Roberto-Stefano

Facchini family in 1961, from top left: Emilio with his wife Maria, Laura Prella, Roberto and Stefano.

Emilio Facchini, grandfather of Stefano Facchini, was born in 1988 in Levade di Portole in Istria and passed away in Trieste in 1962. He was an enlightened entrepreneur and mayor of Portole until October 1943; he was the first Istrian aviator and one of the first in Italy with a licence from the Caproni School in Milan in 1911. After the end of World War I, between 1921 and 1922, he bought the quarries of Roman origin of ‘San Stefano’ stone in Levade, formed by large tunnels. The name derives from the fortress of San Stefano located on the top of the mountain overlooking the quarries. After a few years, he also acquired the Grisignana quarries. In the course of the years, he improved the quality of extraction and promoted the stones by joining the consortium of Illyrian-Roman-Istrian quarries. Many works abroad, in London and parts of the entrance to the prestigious Milano Centrale station were realised with these marbles in the 1930s. Unfortunately, in September 1943, during the war, the Italian army fell back, fighting with Slavic partisans and the invasion of territories by the latter. In the following month, more battles took place and the German troops invaded the area using round-ups and reprisals. In October 1943, Emilio Facchini moved to Trieste with his family, abandoning all his possessions.

After the terrible experience, my grandfather managed to start other business activities unrelated to the marble sector. It seemed that the family story which was connected to the marble world was over.


Roberto Facchini, son of Emilio and father of Stefano, was born in Levade di Portole in Istria in 1932. When the family moved to Trieste, he was only 12 years old. Having witnessed his family history in Istria, he always encouraged and supported his son in starting a stone-related business. He travelled with him on many trips to study and admire the art of sculpture, classical and ancient works until the inspiration came to start a trade and open a workshop in 1988 under the name “Arte 2000” dedicating himself to the reproduction of small works of the past such as bas-reliefs, coats of arms, holy water fonts and sundials.
He was passionate about stone, in particular Istrian stone, history, ancient works, art, sundials and heraldry, and assisted and accompanied him in the growth of the workshop, passing on all his knowledge. During his travels, he collected photos and documents of ancient works and sculptures to be later reproduced in marble. Over the years, he accompanied him on visits to the native lands of Istria, recounting the places, the past, the life and history of the quarries. He was always at his side on trips to Italy and at the fairs he attended. He passed away in 2017.


Laura Prella, Stefano’s mother, was a very important presence. She was a woman of deep faith, cultured, dedicated to art, and gifted with a special natural grace in recognising the beauty in everything that surrounds man. Firm in her values and always ready to listen to those who asked her for comfort, she had an innate ability to grasp the essence of events, she always encouraged all her loved ones, Stefano in particular, to do better and never to sit on their laurels. She passed away in 2022.

Unique, exclusive and customized marble works.