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Stefano Facchini: master craftsman marble artwork

It is a great pleasure for us to share with you the exciting news that Stefano Facchini has been awarded the title of “Master Craftsman” in the artistic working of marble with the related registration in the regional list of Master Craftsmen and annotation in the Chamber of Commerce’s register of craft businesses.

Stefano Facchini master craftsman marble artwork

Stefano Facchini at work in the nineties – Photo by Fulvio Roiter

The title of Master Craftsman was introduced by Regional Law No. 34 of 8 October 2018 to enhance the role of the craftsman as the bearer of a heritage of knowledge and experience to be safeguarded and passed on to future generations and to preserve productive sectors and techniques at risk of disappearing.

This title is awarded for:

  • the qualified seniority in the same craft sector;
  • the high theoretical and practical aptitude in training and teaching the profession;
  • the ability to respond to the challenges and seize the opportunities of today’s economy.

The same law recognises as a “Bottega Scuola” (School Workshop) the workshop in which the master craftsman carries out his activity and passes on his expertise.
Arte 2000 is Bottega Scuola in the artistic working of marble.
This award is the result of the important work in which Stefano Facchini believes and has been working hard for 35 years to teach and transmit an ancient craft that, like many others, risks disappearing. He is also involved in Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro projects (school-to-work) to teach students the fundamentals of the stonemason’s trade.

Stefano Facchini master craftsman marble school to work

Stefano Facchini with a student during a School-to-work project

This is how Stefano Facchini describes his passion for his craft and expresses his desire to pass it on to future generations:

The link between marble and art is a winning combination, a source of inspiration and impulse to go beyond what has already been seen and done. Every new idea or project, even the most extravagant and challenging, becomes a goal to be achieved. Often, what at first seems to be impossible, due to size and technical details, can become an achievable masterpiece of marble after careful study. Imagination, creativity and lateral thinking allowed me to achieve extraordinary results. Experience is key to mastering the raw material and improving manual dexterity. I wish to introduce young people to an artistic craft, typical of the Italian tradition, which is not only learnt in books but above all by doing it, through constant research without ever giving up.


The title of Master Craftsman, in reward for a profession performed with commitment and passion, is a new milestone added to the professional career of Stefano Facchini.

  • Hal McCullough

    11 July 2023 at 23:11 Reply

    This is fantastic and well-deserved news! Congratulations to Stefano–Bravo!

    • Stefano Facchini

      12 July 2023 at 12:16 Reply

      Hal I thank you so much for the appreciation

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