Antique and classic marble restoration | Arte 2000 Italy
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We are prepared to solve restoration problems of any original marble work. This is possible thanks to our thirty years experience in the manufacturing of different stone materials, in the study and in the realization of various finishings such as the antique one which allows to make the products similar to those of the past which have been subjected to different uses.

marble restoration


We restore marble works and statues of every typology and also ancient marbles with polished or aging finishing: sculptures, fireplaces, bas reliefs, floorings, coverings, portals, exterior staircases balustrades, fountains and holy water fonts. The large spaces available in our office allow us to restore every product which may be carried in our workshop. If the products are not removable, the feasibility of the intervention will be evaluated from time to time.


marble restoration


Our restoration of marble works is organized as follows:

1. We examine the general conditions of the manufacturing to be done through the photos supplied by the customer or with a personal inspection by Stefano Facchini: placement, risks, conditions and possibility to intervene on site.
2. We can trace the type of marble originally used to evaluate the availability.
3. We study and organize the more suitable and appropriate intervention to be done in terms of time, costs and final result.
4. With the knowledge of the real availability of the quarries yet open, we search the material identical to the original or as similar as possible, if not available.
5. We recover the elements in original stone, when it is possible, proceeding with the cleaning, the restoration, the anchoring and the support where necessary.
6. We test and realize the finishing corresponding to the copy of the original one.
7. We use techniques of manufacturing, anchoring, fixing and of support which are specific of the historical period to which the original work refers in order to avoid contrasts between modern and traditional techniques.
8. We also make a specialized intervention on site with a competent staff, expert of operations of restoration, adapting and anchoring the new elements to the originals ones in order to guarantee more stability.
9. If necessary we can intervene with a general finishing on the surface to harmonize the final result.

marble restoration and cleaning

The beauty of the past which lasts forever.