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In the past the fire was a means to cook and the unique light and heat source. Today these primary needs are satisfied with modern instruments. Therefore, the fireplace has no longer the purpose of exclusive functionality but it is also intended as an ornamental, decorative and architectural work to distinguish elegant dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Over time it remained a central element to identify the personality of the masters of the house and it is considered the heart of the home. The heat of the fire warms during the cold winter days, it inspires the conviviality and the pleasant conversations spending joyful sharing moments and it offers a warm welcome to every guest.


marble mantelpiece


We realize marble overmantels and fireplaces in different styles:


  • monumental in classic style: Italian, English and French
  • with extension of ornamental and decorative elements in the upper hood, known with the English word of “overmantel”
  • polychrome and inlaid with different marbles
  • with covering in gold leaf on some elements
  • modern, where every innovative and original idea is allowed with essential, minimalist, linear and simple shapes and manufacturings
  • rustic-country, such as the “larin”, that in Venetian dialect means “central fireplace” and it is used for cooking and heating



italian marble fireplace


For every fireplace, we can realize structural elements which are able to support the high temperatures.


If the fireplace has also to ensure a proper heating, we can also cooperate with a professional worker who is skilled in planning and installation of the interior fireplace.

italian marble fireplace



We are very proud of this complicated and majestic realization regarding a couple of fireworks installed on two opposite walls of a hall 12 meters high. View the case history

carved marble overmantel fireplace

The heart of the home is revived by the warmth of the fire and it stimulates the conviviality.