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Packaging and Transport



We take care of packaging with the same experience and versatility with which we work the marble.


According to the dimensions, to the product weight, to the means of transport and to the final destination, we select different protective materials depending on the needs to preserve our marbles from any risk of breaking. According to the means that will be used for the transport (car, truck, ship or airplane) and to the handling of the package before the delivery, we adapt the packaging system in order to protect the material against specific risks.


marble handicrafts packaging and transport


With the same dedication and attention we package objects with a weight of few hundred grams which can be delivered by courier inside a cardboard box, voluminous fragile products or works with a weight of different tonnes such as a sink realized in a unique piece with a diameter of 2 meters or coverings with a thickness of 2 centimeters. Sometimes we package products realized in a unique piece greater than 2 square meters that we arrange in safe customized wooden boxes also for possible container loads for the transport by sea.


We plan product exportations with regularity and for this reason we are organized and fully equipped to prepare packages in compliance with the standard ISPM 15 which are intended for the participating extra-European countries such as United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Russia.


The acquired experience on each type of product and on the direct supply to the private customers allow us to resolve delivery, handling and installation problems on the spot of destination due to obstruction, dimension and weight of the marble pieces.


Our personalized assistance and consultation service offers the possibility to find a suitable and appropriate solution for every specific matter.

Versatility and experience in the manufacturing as in the packaging and in the transport.