Marble works and decorations for exterior locations | Arte 2000
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Exterior Locations



The marble works for exterior locations include all the fixed architectural realizations which are connected to building and placed in the private and public parks and gardens.


Stefano Facchini assists the customer and cooperates with the designers and with the construction companies during the preparatory phase, also going personally to the building site. The knowledge and the long experience give him the possibility to guarantee a quality service finishing the technical executive projects with decorative elements, in classic or modern style, for a perfect integration with the location and the context where the works should be included.


Furthermore we realize every type of customized product for the funeral sector: family niches, sculptures, low reliefs and decorative elements of different type. The engraving or the text carving are handmade in order to guarantee uniqueness and exclusivity to the memorial writings.

Sophisticated harmony between stone and natural elements.