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In the past, when there was no water system in the houses, the fountains were intended as point of collection and of water distribution. In the modern age, the functional aspect has been almost completely overcome and the fountains are now mainly considered as artistic, architectural and ornamental works, sometimes monumental, and they are used to decorate and to enrich private and public locations.


The fountains are essentially distinguished in:

  • wall fountains, with a unique ornamental face in view. They have one or more semicircular or shaped sinks to collect the water and they are installed on a marble panel against a wall;


  • central fountains, in view on all sides. They have a central body and one or more sinks all around to collect the water, normally they have a circular shape and often also quadrangular, octagonal or shaped.


Over the years we have specialized in the planning of light and water games with equipments completely hidden on view and in the independent realization of fountains with sinks at various levels, gradually more elaborated and of great technical and artistic interest.

marble water fountain


We have realized “Priddy fountain”: a famous monumental waterfall fountain on five levels. View the case history



We are able to realize marble fountains of majestic dimensions, with a total diameter that exceeds 10 meters and higher than 6 meters. These are unique and complex works due to the inside presence of hydraulic and electrical systems and they can be combined with the supporting structure. Furthermore they are integrated with magnificent elements such as heads and golden or bronze vases which can be realized with different materials.

On request, we assist the customer during the preparation of the supporting structure and we supply the essential elements for the hydraulic, electrical and anchoring systems.

marble fountain


Our most recent and complicated work of planning and realization refers to a fountain with four sinks and with a supporting central structure which covers the equipments. View the case history

The joy to live in a location delighted by the water gurgle.