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Artistic and Technical Design



Every project begins with the comprehension of the customer desire. With the following feasibility study we consider the style of the location where the product will be installed and we select the most suitable marble to satisfy on the whole the technical, functional and aesthetic requirements. The proposals are evaluated in accordance with the budget of the project, in regard to the required delivery times and according to the level of definition of the work and style.


technical and artistic marble design


The meeting with the American market in the early 1990s gave us the incentive to develop a complete service which includes the feasibility study, the consultation and the customized planning to reach the final product. All this was made possible also thanks to the participation to the international Marmomac fair of Verona and to the relationships with demanding customers looking for handcrafted companies able to offer “turnkey” realizations.


technical and artistic marble design


Often the customers contact us without having a clear idea, without knowing which is the right combination to do with the already existing materials or simply to know how to anchor on the wall architectural elements of relevant weight hiding the supporting structure. Other times the customers take inspiration from photos which are published in lifestyle magazines or from photographic reportage of ancient villas or from photos taken during their travels around the world visiting museums, cities, gardens and they give us this material, sometimes out of focus or with unclear details, without knowing the proportions and the measures to require us the desired work.


Thanks to our in-depth knowledge, to our continuous study and to the desire to improve us, we have reached a high ability in interpreting the details, in evaluating the proportions and in realizing works with supporting structures hidden by the marble such as multi-level fountains, with inner steel frameworks for the hydraulic and electrical systems completely hidden on view and suspended fireplaces of different tonnes which rest on beams without adding weight to the floor or to the helicoidal self-supporting staircases.


The passion for the marble and the experience in the realization of different types of works have allowed us to develop the ability to find elegant artistic and technical solutions for the combination and the match of the marble with other support and furnishings materials in order to hide supporting structures and to solve the connected limitations.


technical and artistic marble design


The samples, specially prepared, give to the customer the possibility to touch and to see in person the marble, the type of shape, the details of the ornamental design and the finishing of the surface before the approval of the project.


We cooperate with architects, professionals and designers to realize special marble combinations with different materials such as wood, iron, steel, glass, ceramic, refractory and aluminium.

technical and artistic marble design

Our purpose, once the technical and structural limitations have been solved, is to preserve and to enhance, where possible, the artistic and aesthetic beauty of every product.

We create with passion from yours and from our ideas.