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Marble Finishings



All our works are handcrafted, for this reason we don’t use standard treatments on the surfaces, but we customize every finishing.




The choice of the finishing type and its execution depend on different factors, such as the used material and the type of the realized manufacturing, the customer taste, the style of the location in which the work will be positioned or placed, the intended use of the work, how much it is carved and decorated. Therefore, the project together with the historical period to which the product is inspired, will determine the treatment that will be applied.


marble finish


The following special finishings are completely handmade through the use of manual processes and of natural products, such as the beeswax:


  • gloss: for prestigious works of classic style, for interior locations; the polishing is realized in several stages with manual tools and fine-grained abrasive paper by hand for the parts of the carved bas relief and to reach the detail at the bottom;
  • sandblasted: with manual water sandblaster, to obtain on the surface the “orange peel” effect, without the typical light burnings of the dry sandblasting;
  • hammered: it is realized with the traditional denticular hammer which gives a dotted effect on the surface;
  • time-worn effect: for reproductions or copies of ancient and aged products; the processes are adapted to the product destination, according to the interior and exterior location where it has to be placed.


In addition we also realize a series of finishings by machine: gloss, polished, bush-hammered, brush-effect, flamed, with splits and many other.


Aging finish or “time-worn” effect

In the years we have specialized in the marble aging finish that we use on models which take inspiration from the ancient ones, on all the reproductions and on the copies of works of the past according to the material, to the nature of the object, to the type of use to which it could be subjected and to the destination of the work.


marble finish


The aging finish is a type of treatment that makes the product similar to the ancient and aged objects, giving them a “time-worn” effect. We make a careful study of the historical aspect connected to the work we have to realize and later we adapt and customize the finishing in such a way that the final product effect is very similar to the ancient one as if it had been subjected to the human use or to the atmospheric agents. We are able to create false breaks and cracks of the product, to emphasize the aspect of time past; then, we can insert irons and pivots intentionally aged by hand using typical methods of traditional restorations. Sometimes, after the treatment, the product may be mistaken for a historical and archeological find.




In the documents that we give to the customers, we report the following declaration as guarantee of the product origin (in accordance with the Law 1/6/39 n.1089 “Protection of items of artistic and historical interest” and the Law 20/11/71 n.1062 “Criminal laws in the falsification or alteration of art works”):

“The products which are realized and exhibited in our labour, those published in our advertising material and those already sold to the customers, are not original but of recently production even if they are inspired by ancient models or copied from old objects of artistic, historical, archeological or ethnographic interest.”


With elegance in every location.