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Marble Sculptures



Our marble sculptures, representing human or abstract figures or animals, are unique and customized works because designed and created by us or realized according to the customer drawing.



The products can be in modern or classic style. They are sculpted using a unique material block, more blocks of the same marble type or blocks of different marbles in case of polychrome work which is an ancient artistic decoration technique. The different blocks are installed together in our workshop before the delivery or assembled during the manufacturing.


italian marble statues

Human Figures

We can realize sculptures with natural realistic measures, reduced or enlarged on request:

  • anthropomorphic with complete figure
  • half-bust
  • heads
  • other parts of the body
  • commemorative busts

Normally, the work which represents the human figure is created with indirect method: first of all we realize a clay model, eventually on a scale, with all the proportions to define the different aspects, the contour and in order to receive the executive approval by the customer. Than it is possible to proceed on the selected marble block bringing back the points of greatest protrusion and gradually defining the details.


We have realized a sculpture of 2,5 meters in Carrara white marble representing Atlante, figure of the Greek mythology, which has been used to cover and to hide the hydraulic and electrical systems of a monumental fountain. View the case history



Animal Figures

They represent the animals in individual parts or chimera and sometimes they are reconsidered and interpreted according to the specific period to which they relate.
We create sculptures such as:

  • lions, in different positions and dimensions, for villas entrances
  • horse heads as decorative object
  • various animals for garden furnishings as turtles to be placed on the lawn or doves to decorate fountain sinks
  • over the years we have realized innumerable typologies of the Lion of Saint Mark such as: winged lion, with sword, with book, etc. The lion is the emblem of the Serenissima Republic which has governed for almost thousand years in Venice and in the Adriatic Sea.


Religious Figures

We can create holy marble sculptures for religious locations of every type such as sculptures for public monuments, churches and private locations.



For every sculpture we also plan and realize the stand, the base, the column or the appropriate pillar to support and to raise it, matching the most suitable material to the location where it will be placed: interior, exterior or subjected to bad weather.

The sculpture is the aesthetic expression of the human soul.

Marble statues of lions


We realize decorative, ornamental and commemorative works representing the entire body, the heads or the paws of the lion.
Thanks to various artistic techniques, we create products of different dimensions using materials and finishings suitable for interior and exterior, villas and buildings entrances, gardens and public parks.


We also realize sculptures of lions in pair, one turned toward right and one turned to the left, reproductions of existing models or ancient works and sculptures of our conception in different styles like the Romanesque, the Gothic and the Renaissance.

Using the lion figure we create the following products:


The Lion of Saint Mark



We realize small bas-reliefs with a diameter of minimum 6/7 cm and also works in the round. The sculpture of Saint Mark’s lion plays an important role for the historical and artistic interest. In Italy it had a great diffusion and it became the symbol of Venice. There are different winged lion versions. In the blog we talk about the history of this symbol and of the more traditional representations.
For a special order, we have sculpted a statue of 300x150x120 cm from a unique marble block.





We can do every type of sculpture in the round representing the lion with the entire body, individual or in pair. We realize the classical lions with ball, emblem or other objects held between the paws. We can also customize the related base.



Small sculptures of crouching lions sculpted in the round, individuals or in pair, used as paperweight or decorative objects.


We also realize the reproduction of the famous lions created by Canova.


Bas-reliefs and emblems

bi94_arte2000_san marco-lion-marble-sculpture


We can customize heraldic bas-reliefs and emblems, for example the representation of the rampant or “in profile” lion.


Ornamental elements

For fireplaces and fountains we can do ornamental and decorative lion heads and paws in a unique marble block, in polychromy or decorated in gold leaf.


Decorative architectural elements

We realize architectural elements as for example:
– lion heads to decorate the keystones of the round arches
– sculptures in the round of the front of the body to be used as shelf supports to decorate the balconies
– ornamental sculptures in the round of seated lions to be placed on the corners of the balconies handrails



In Venice, they are placed on the balconies of many buildings both as shelf supports and ornamental elements over the handrail.


The “Lion’s mouth” (Bocche di Leone)

Among the various lion representations we realize the famous lion’s mouth.

In the Republic of Venice they were also known as Mouths for the Secret Complaints (Bocche per le Denunce Segrete). They were similar to postboxes and the hole was usually adorned by the wide open lion jaws from which they took the name. They were scattered on the Venetian “calli”, particularly near and inside Palazzo Ducale; they were used by the magistrates to receive the complaints and to guarantee the state security.


The lion can be represented in many ways, using different poses, fighting with dragons and snakes or with various facial expressions: more or less good-natured or sly, with closed mouth or wide open jaws. Every work is customized.
In the “Lions” section of the gallery you can see some of our works or you can book a visit to our museum.

The lion symbolizes the power, the courage, the pride and the magnificence.