Italian marble sculpture and statues for the home | Arte 2000
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Commemorative sculptures

We can create commemorative busts, both for the privates and for the public institutions. In these cases it is very important to have as much photos as possible regarding the face in the foreground of the person to honor, preferably related to the age you want to represent including the profile, the frontal and the from behind views in order to obtain a final result which will be realistic and similar to the original one. Sometimes these works are matched and completed with bas reliefs and marble plates on which we engrave or chisel the writing in bas relief or high relief, customized with the more adapted character to the style of the work. On request, the writing can also be painted with suitable and weatherproof colors if the bust has to be placed outside.


Purity of the white to enhance the elegance of the details

The white marble is the most appreciated in the sculpture because it is the most pure and resistant stone. It has a low index of refraction which allows to the light to penetrate before to be reflected, giving a special brightness and a waxen effect similar to the warm coloring of the human skin. The prestigious Bianco Carrara is extracted in Italy; it is a typical uniform white marble which may have fine veins of matt grey colour.
The veins are decorative but at the same time they represent the weak point of the marble: they are made of wastes more or less compact of various origin, with different hardnesses and colorations, which can appear in the fragile points of the sculpture, such as on the face creating in time a possible break. This is a characteristic to be loved because it is a peculiarity of the natural raw materials.