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Bianco Carrara marble: a prestigious natural Italian stone famous all over the world

Bianco Carrara is considered, both in Italy and abroad, the Italian marble par excellence. This stone is extracted from the Apuan Alps in Carrara where there are the most known millenary tradition quarries in the world.

Even today, as in Roman age, it is used for the realization of:

  • refined load-bearing elements in construction: architraves, capitals, columns, pillars, bases
  • prestigious architectural components: coverings, cornices, pilasters, floorings
  • exclusive ornamental elements: portals, fountains, altars, stele, gravestones
  • elegant decorative objects and statues


The white colour

This lithotype is a solid and uniform crystalline marble from fine to medium variable grain. It is characterized by a very high percentage of calcium carbonate: white calcite crystals. The calcite has a low refraction index: it allows light to enter in the stone giving it a special shininess before being reflected. This makes the white marble precious and refined: it is an elegant material that gives brightness to locations.


Alternative names:

Bianco Carrara, according to colour characteristics, white purity level and intrusions and veins typologie, is classified in different commercial categories.


Quarries area:

Tuscany especially Apuan Alps in Carrara



Easily available



The background shade is the pearly white with a light cloud effect; it is characterized by intrusions, greyish points more or less visible and millimetric or centimetric greyish multi-coloured veins.



It is suitable for floorings, staircases, coverings, fireplaces, sculptures, fountains, monuments, funerary art, ornamental works and decorative objects. The placement of the works is recommended for interior locations; for the exterior locations it is necessary to consider the specific conditions. This marble belongs to the category of stones that can be polished. It is appropriate for every finishing typologie; the obtained effect, after the handmade antique finishing, is very special


Photo material:




The first information concerning this marble date back to the I century B.C. during the Roman Empire, even if some fragments of white marble were found in the necropolis and cemeteries dating back to the IV century B.C. In ancient times the Romans called this lithotype, or rather this rocks category, marmor lunensis which means “marble of Luni”. Luni was an important and ancient extraction and boarding centre on the Ligurian Sea, in the city of Ortonovo at the border between Liguria and Tuscany. From this town the Romans used to organize the departures of ships transporting white marble blocks and destined to reach Rome for the public constructions, the noble residences and the monumental sculptures. Afterward Carrara became the extraction centre from which it took the name of Bianco Carrara marble.


Final note:

The information contained in this article are for guidance only. We remind you that a lot of marbles are mentioned with the well-known commercial name, often different from the real one.


If you have any questions or curiosity on the subject please add a comment in the form below, we will try to answer and to satisfy your request.


Works realized by Arte 2000:


Table bases – carved by Arte 2000


Fireplace detail – carved by Arte 2000



Fountain – carved by Arte 2000



Fountain – carved by Arte 2000



Fountain – carved by Arte 2000



Fountain with antique finishing – carved by Arte 2000



Nike sculpture with antique finishing – carved by Arte 2000



Sculpture antique finishing – carved by Arte 2000



Italian ornamental rocks – Catalogue of the Museum of Art and mineral deposits. The Sapienza – University of Rome

  • davide

    5 July 2019 at 12:12 Reply

    loved your post,

    As a great Bianco Carrara marble supported i really wanted to make you some questions:

    What marble do you normally use to create your sculptures? Only Bianco Carrara or also Statuario and Calacatta?

    Most of the sculptures are in polish or honed finish? which finish do most of the client ask you for?


    • Arte 2000 - Paola

      5 July 2019 at 17:26 Reply

      I’m happy you love it
      We prefer white marbles like Statuario, Carrara whithout veins and some italian limestone basically clean or with few veins. with these types of marbles, the musculature is strengthened the surface finishing most appreciated is the fine smoothed and the honed. Another surface very is the time-worn, really appreciated for classical style interiors and gardens items.

  • malik

    3 August 2019 at 7:19 Reply

    Do you have Grave stones size
    ca 1200mm x 900mm x 150mm to 180mm in max white marble.Dilevery to Germany. thanks

    • Arte 2000 - Paola

      5 August 2019 at 15:49 Reply

      Dear Malik, we don’t sell raw marble as slabs or block. We produce marble works on drawing and on measure. We can send the goods to Germany. Please send me an e-mail to with drawing, picture or some other details to have a quotation. I remain at your disposal for any informations. Best regards

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