Handcrafted marble manufacturing | Arte 2000 Italy
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Handcrafted Marble Manufacturing



For every project we take care of the technical-functional aspect and of the beauty of the details. The artistic part of every work is exclusively handmade to certify the real handcrafted quality of Made in Italy.




The artistic marble manufacturing requires experience, ability, attention, care and passion which are the real treasure of each creative and handcrafted profession. For the creation of the works we get the inspiration from the inestimable artistic and cultural heritage that the history has entrusted to us.

The charm of the handcrafted work warms and characterises every location and it is present in all our works.


In 2002 we have obtained, by the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso, the legitimacy of artistic and traditional work of high technical and professional level. In line with our philosophy, the authenticity of the handcrafted products is guaranteed by the engraving on our works of our trademark Arte 2000.


Each of our works is a technical-artistic project which includes the study, the sketches and the preparatory drawings to define the details, the proportions and the dimensioning of every elements that make it up also in relation to the structural characteristics and to the dimensions of the selected marble block.


In our workshop, the specialized staff carefully studies what has been thought and planned on paper; it intervenes in every operation with its manual skill and experience. Only in the initial phase of the manufacturing we use bridge cutting machine to reduce the thicknesses and the cut of the marble slabs.




The staff is always present to select the area of the raw material which should be used and also to optimize the resources. Special attention is given to the marble veins in order to obtain a pleasant aesthetic result with effect of continuity and of kaleidoscopic games.


For the realization of statues, animals and memorial busts, generally we create clay models to evaluate the proportions and the final effect and also to receive the customer approval before starting the marble manufacturing.




In order to better take care and to define the details, the carving and the finishing of the surface are realized with manual tools respecting the traditional techniques and the handcrafted working methods. Over the years we also specialized in the aging finish which is a specific treatment of the raw material surface with manual procedures to preserve the natural aspect and to enhance a “consumed by time” effect.


handcrafted marble manufacturing


We often accept to make modifications when the manufacturing is in progress to fully satisfy the wishes and the possible changes of idea of the customer, even if this can involve a longer delay in delivery. Furthermore, our post-sale service considers the possibility of integrations, modifications, planning of extra elements, adaptations and/or participations on-site also on products already installed following changes in the construction site or new demands expressed by the customer.


For every work we make an interior photographic service which gives to our customers the possibility to follow step by step each different production and manufacturing phase.


All the works realized in our workshop are of actual production also when they refer to ancient models or when they are a copy of vintage objects of historical and archeological interest.


The choice to customize every product does not allow us to make standard manufacturings. The presence of Arte 2000 on the international market is synonymous of handcrafted manufacturing of the high quality marble.



The mind is the real hand, the gained stone restores her the work.