Priddy fountain: monumental marble work in classic style
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“Priddy fountain”: monumental marble fountain on five levels

“Priddy fountain” is a monumental work dedicated to Ashley Horne Priddy. It is a waterfall fountain on five levels with basins and decorations in classic style. The eight big vases, filled with flowers and plants, embellish the work while the lion heads give magnificence and power.
The work had to be placed within 4 months from the order so in line with the established inauguration date. The organization of the work has been important in order to guarantee the artistic beauty, the functionality and the high quality respecting the very tight delivery time. The long experience in creating customized monumental works has allowed us to satisfy the customer and to win the challenge.

Marble: Giallo Istria
Dimensions: diameter 11 meters, total height 5 meters
Customer: landscape architectural studio
Artistic project: Landscape architect Paul Fields – Studio Lambert Landscape – Dallas, Texas
Place: Highland Park – Dallas, Texas – U.S.A.

Relevant phases of the work realization

Choice of the raw material

We have selected the blocks with non-standard dimensions in order to work in solid the elements of big dimensions as the central body of the basin that had a diameter of three meters. The use of marble of first choice has been essential to avoid the risk of water infiltrations.

More information: marble selection


We have developed the project of the structural and technical components. We have followed with care the realization of the hydraulic system for the water games.


In one of the most delicate special effects to be created, the water had to overflow from the basin situated at the top, then falling into the central quadrilobate one and contemporarily come out from the mouth of the four lion heads and spills into the lower level.


We have collaborated with the architect to define the floral elements, the sculptures and the shapes. Before beginning work, we have sent the samples of the different decorations and finishings for the approval.

More information: artistic and technical design


The customer wanted to receive the fountain assembled to be able to place it in short time, minimizing the use of motorized lifting devices. So to make better use of raw material, the elements were worked both in solid and in assembled pieces; some of them have been dug in the hidden parts to reduce the weight.


The realization of the quadrilobate basin was one of the most delicate phases; the diameter of almost three meters and the weight have complicated the manufacturing. In order to guarantee, at the same time, a leveled water filling and the following outlet from the four holes, the shape has been made with high precision.



The surface finishing was realized by hand on every single piece.

The fountain in numbers:

  • 211 artistic elements
  • 84 elements for the vertical and horizontal covering of the external border basin
  • 8 ornamental vases
  • 8 shaped panels with floral roses for the external border basin



More information: artisanal manufacture



We have carefully realized the assembly to hide on view the union points. We have drilled and prepared the various elements for a fast hydraulic system connection. The water games test was made before delivery.

More information: assembly and installation

Packaging, transport and delivery

The limitations, due to the weight and to the maximum dimensions required for the container loading and for the handling at destination, have also made onerous the phase of packaging. So to optimize the times, we have organized three work in progress stages with the deliveries and the installation. In the delivery times we have also taken into consideration the days of journey necessary for the shipments by sea and they were approximately of 40 days each.

More information: packaging and transport

Pills of history


The fountain is placed at the entrance of Highland Park, an area were the majestic ancient villas are located. Ashley Horne Priddy was an illustrious citizen and mayor of the city from 1970 to 1975. Together with his wife Kathryn Amsler Priddy, he created a fund for the UT Southwestern Medical Center, University and medical research institute, to support the training of future doctors through scholarships and the scientific research for the cancer treatment. The fountain earned a Planet Grand Award from the Professional Landcare Network.

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