Prestigious suspended cantilevered marble staircase carved by hand.
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Prestigious suspended cantilevered marble staircase manufactured by hand

Planning and customized realization of an artistic helicoidal staircase, made in solid marble with balustrade in wrought iron. A harmonious structural ornamental and architectural work to give elegance and lightness to the surrounding ambience. The staircase, suitable for the comfortable passage of two persons at the same time, connects the ground floor to the second one and it is visible in its entirety from the central stairwell.

Marble: New Marfil with inlays of Jerusalem Gold and Giallo Gaia on the balconies and landings
Dimensions: width 150 cm with 3 flights of stairs, complete of landings and balconies, with a total difference in height of 15 meters
Customer: O & H Properties
Place: private residence located in Hampstead, London – Great Britain


Relevant phases of the work realization

Marble selection

The customer wanted an elegant uniform cream colour, without stripings and veins. Among the samples presented for the different works, he chose New Marfil that was not particularly suitable for this work. He fell in love with a not very compact marble, with colour shades slightly different among the various blocks and easily exposed to cracks when subjected to curve. We did everything to satisfy the customer. We have searched for long time among the blocks of first choice and selected the best in order to realize the complete work, without stains, veins or errors of any kind.

More information: marble choice

Technical and artistic planning


The customer wanted a majestic staircase without supporting structures and visible edges. He thought to a magnificent and impressive marble work only after the supporting walls of the house were already completed. Satisfying the customer, respecting the structural safety and solving all the technical problems without compromising the harmonious beauty of the final work, has been difficult and it has required a long period of planning and test on site.

During the project phase, the collaboration and the synergy between the construction company and the enterprise that realizes the products in order to obtain the best result, are very important.



We have personally taken care of the planning of the complete staircase that includes the marble works, the iron balustrade and the anchoring system. In order to allow the passage of two persons at the same time, the steps should have a minimum width of 150 cm. We have created a wall anchoring system completely hidden from view.


suspended-cantilevered-staircase-marbleFurthermore to avoid damages risk, caused by the curve, we have studied a reinforced system inserting a shaped steel beam that has to be walled up in the concrete wall. The work had to ensure a high capacity due to the weight of the persons and of the material.

More information: planning



The steps, the balconies and the landings that protrude from the wall, have a shaped head and front and a side with inclined cuts that change according to the curve and irregularity of the wall. All the elements have been worked and sculpted by hand with millimetric precision to guarantee the perfect junction between each other. Every deviation would have stopped the continuity and the irregularity of the whole work compromising the harmony of the final result.


In order to correctly realize the customized iron balustrade, we have supplied the executive measures to the blacksmith craftsman indicating the precise points for the anchoring of the vertical columns, to the center of the head of alternate steps.

More information: artisanal manufacture


Considering the enormous fragility of the material due to the light coloration and to the high porosity, it was important to protect the work during the installation and till the end of the works. The staircase was the only inner way to access to the upper floors, so it was regularly used by electricians, plumbers, carpenters and other service staff.


We have used a protective material in order to preserve it from damages due to humidity, water, accidental falls of material and treading.

More information: installation

The staircase in numbers:

  • 3 flights of stairs
  • 73 customized steps, different from each other, each with its own angle
  • 2 customized inlaid landings
  • 2 customized inlaid balconies
  • 80 linear meter of customized shaped iron balustrade


For the same villas we have planned and realized many other furnishings elements as: customized floorings and coverings for bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchens, living rooms, fireplaces and various garden works.

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