Egg a symbol of life to wish an Easter of hope and rebirth
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Stefano Facchini marble egg sculpture

Egg a symbol of life to wish an Easter of hope and rebirth

With this marble work entitled “Life”, we want to wish a happy Easter rich of hope and rebirth. We chose it because, since ancient times, the egg represented the birth and was exchanged with rites for life, fertility and rebirth of nature. The Romans even buried it in the fields, to propitiate the fertility and the abundance of the harvest. Especially nowadays, at the time of Coronavirus, we try to think about the future with optimism, positivity and certainty that the sun will rise again and illuminate our days. In a time of great suffering and deep sadness that is affecting us all over the world, it is important to hope and believe in a rebirth, in a better world. As Mahatma Gandhi used to say:

[…]Discover the life,
Tell it to someone who can’t understand it.
Take the hope
And live in its light […]

Stefano Facchini represents the life in a marble work

Stefano Facchini marble egg sculpture

Sculpture by Stefano Facchini – Life

Stefano Facchini expresses the concept of life. The egg represents the birth and the life that, in its various forms, unites all living beings on earth, both animal and vegetable. In this sculpture, the egg is a symbol of the awareness of life not only for its unique perfect shape, without edges, without a beginning and without an end, but also to be a shell that allows the vision of its contents as a certain expression of hope. The egg yolk pulses with its own light.

  • Handmade original sculpture by Stefano Facchini
  • Title of the work: Life
  • Marble: Bianco Carrara statuario and Onice Miele
  • Finishing: polished shell and yolk, sandblasted egg white
  • Dimensions: about 45 x 30 x 30 cm

The sculpture has a hole in the lower part where a support is placed for the lighting of the yolk which, being in a transparent material and with a very thin thickness of 5 mm, passes the light.

But what were the symbolic meanings and uses of the egg in ancient times and in the field of art? Here you can find some answers.

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