Marble craft manufacturing in Italy | Arte 2000 | Custom design
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Center of culture of sculptural art in marble and stone of Istria

Our company is inspired by a Renaissance workshop. Inside we set up a fascinating and interesting tour to share with customers, fans and tourists our know-how, knowledge and experience in the world of stone working. You can see a variety of precious and rare stones and rocks, touch rough marbles, sketched, carved, engraved and worked with various artistic techniques and observe our artists-sculptors during the stages of processing and sculpting.

Marmoteca: the stone variety used by Arte 2000, rare and valuable

Wunderkammer: hand tools, artistic and processing techniques

Visit route: hand sculpture

The layout is constantly growing and evolving.
The visit is only by reservation, for a limited number of persons, to be personally accompanied by Stefano Facchini. You can directly buy decorative and ornamental works in a single copy and ready for delivery.
The conditions for access, in this delicate phase of health emergency, are subject to current regulations.
During the years 2019 and 2020 we participated, together with other excellences of the territory, in the project “Le mani raccontano – Atelier e botteghe artigiane nei itinerari del turismo slow veneto” for the recovery, enhancement and communication of its cultural heritage and the “know-how with the hands”.
As part of this project, organized by the Fondazione CUOA – Business School in collaboration with Fondo Plastico and financed by the Veneto Region through the European Social Fund in synergy with the European Regional Development Fund, also the docu-film”Itinerary to discover the excellences of the territory” was made.

We’ll soon add more content to this page. Stay tuned.

A tour to discover a marble artisanal workshop.