The intensity of an emotion in telling the passion for one’s craft.
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The intensity of an emotion in telling the passion for one’s craft

A handcrafted and artistic heritage guarded in a marble workshop in the Province of Treviso.

On 10 December 2018, guest at a convivial evening of Rotary Club of Treviso, I have spoken of my passion for the stone and of the handmade works. The event has been prepared in the pleasant room of “Al Migò” Restaurant.

Everything started a few months before! Luigi Gazzotti, president of the club with a deep knowledge of the world of the art, is attentive to artisanal companies, especially local ones.


After visiting the company and be impressed by the marble manufacturing with traditional methods, he has invited me to attend a meeting with the members:

«You have to tell the story of this workshop!»

I have felt valorized and privileged. I accepted with pleasure! I was hoping to involve and capture the attention of the participants telling my craft with simplicity and spontaneity.

Fantasy and imagination help me to understand the soul of the stones.

I supported the presentation with technical and artistic drawings and many images representing the marble, the rare and precious materials, the traditional and ancient tools, the processing steps and the final locations of some majestic and monumental works.
I have also brought a sculpture representing Saint Mark’s Lion, to which I am particularly attached: the work is realized in the round with the special finishing “consumed by time” which makes an actual product similar to an ancient one. It has been positioned in the middle of the table; everyone was able to touch it with the hand. The compliments received, such as «Seems true!», have been a great satisfaction.


The stones tell the story of the man!

In the session dedicated to the questions, in particular one has impressed me:

«Have you realized works that you didn’t like?»

My answer has been spontaneous:

«Our aim is to create what customer likes! We guarantee the maximum quality, going beyond the difference of tastes.»

The curiosity tests us in new projects,

the research becomes very important to enrich knowledge.

The applause at the end of the presentation has excited me!
A beautiful evening with a family atmosphere.
It has been a satisfaction to share my love for the sculpture and to explain the work done behind the scenes in order to realize an handmade unique product.
I want to thank Luigi for the opportunity to tell my craft!

Stefano Facchini