Esclusive marble stairs | Made in Italy | Arte 2000
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We study, plan and realize, in an exclusive and custom-made way, the different typologies of marble staircases for interior and exterior locations:


  • self-supporting staircases
  • coverings of linear staircases
  • spiral staircases
  • helicoidal staircases, with different radius of curvature and torsion
  • prestigious staircases for entrances of villas hall, buildings and hotels
  • treads and risers in a unique piece, also of considerable length
  • coverings with reduced thicknesses if it is necessary to have lighten elements due to technical issues


marble stairs


We can customize the different pieces: stringers, landings, parapets with columns, bases and shaped handrails.

marble stairs


For the realization of balustrades or of other elements made in glass, iron or wood, we can cooperate with skilled artisans.

custom marble staircases


We have planned and realized a prestigious and important self-supporting staircase with monolithic steps individually anchored to the wall. View the case history

Thanks to his hands and talent, the artisan is a genuine manufacturer of the living well the house.