Handcrafted Italian marble floors and flooring | Arte 2000
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The marble floors stand out the elegance of the location giving warmth, personality and exclusiveness. As such they have to be treated with respect and gentleness. They are mainly chosen because they give a natural prestige to the interior locations.


We realize only customized floorings. We study a drawing considering different possibilities of measures and shapes in order to floor the area using only entire elements. Each floor marked Arte 2000 is a personalized project.


italian marble flooring


The elegance of the customized marble floors

The creation of a customized flooring requires the survey of the measures of the area which has to be paved and the development of a specific project which allows the use of only complete and entire marble elements. It is completely excluded the use of staggered tiles also realized in series, or rather of pieces with fixed measure and standard format to install with continuity and a perfectly cut of the perimeter elements to adapt them to the room measures creating the unaesthetic effect of random cuts.


Knowing the traditional manufacturing techniques and the treatment of the surface, today we can realize complete marble flooring or only specific elements for the restoration which correspond exactly to the original floorings of villas, houses or ancient churches.


italian marble flooring

They confer warmth, personality and exclusiveness giving a natural prestige to the locations.