Ornamental marble wells and copy of ancient wells | Arte 2000
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This work identifies the extraction point or the collection point of the precious and vital water from the subsoil. acqua.



Today the wells have almost exclusively an aesthetic and evocative function of the past and they attract the interest of the lovers of ancient works and of traditions. Perhaps from some well, it is possible to collect the water even now, but the marble covering has a purely ornamental function. Usually they are circular but we also realize them with quadrangular, octagonal or shaped forms.




We create reproductions of ancient wells also taking inspiration from those typical of the fields and courtyards of Venice. We are able to reproduce the cracks caused by the normal consumption due to the time and to the bad weather. These cracks are then reinforced using old and ancient irons which are handmade with traditional techniques so that they can be confused with the original works of the past.




Furthermore, on completion of the work, we can cooperate with iron artisans to realize in wrought iron the artistic structure above.


marble well

Evocative works of the past and of interest for the one who loves to decorate the exterior locations according to the tradition.