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We realize vases of every style, shape and dimension, with ornaments and customized decorations according to the customer taste. The vases can be functional to be used as pots for flowers or plants or ornamental to decorate parks, gardens and terraces of private houses or public institutions. Furthermore, the vase can be created as single work, if placed directly on the floor or on an already existing support, or it can be coordinated with a marble base especially realized. In all these cases we select the marble suitable for the use and for the location to which the vase is intended.



Classic vases

We work every type of material also the porphyry (although it is very hard and difficult to carve), for the realization of vases and holders in classic style appropriate to furnish elegant halls. We can realize copies of ancient vases, such as the Medicean vases: we find the most suitable material then we study the stylistic characteristics and the decorations and finally we realize on the surface the most suitable finishing in order to reproduce accurately the characteristics of the original vase. The collaboration with specialized artisans allow us to apply on the vases gold leaf decorations to more enhance the elegance of the work.



The pod is a typical decorative element of the classic style, consisting in the stylized shape of a legume peel, normally used to embellish the sink of the vases. We can realize different types of pods for reproductions or for vases in classic style, respecting the style and the period which have inspired the work. For the modern vases, the pods are planned on request according to the dimensions and proportions of the vase, with customized depth and shape depending on the customer taste and so different from order to order.


Complementary services

For the creation of the vase, we can also provide the following complementary services:

  • We can plan and customize the coordinated marble base, useful to raise the vase at eye level.
  • The vases of big dimensions can be very heavy to carry and to move, so we study the way to lighten as much as possible their weight, without leaving their solidity at compromise.
  • If the orders consider a series of vases coordinated with each other to be installed in the same location, we study the way to obtain an elegant impression, with a final effect of homogeneity and similarity among the different elements. This is necessary and essential with the use of veined materials: we always select the raw material blocks so that the tones and the veins are as much as possible similar on each other reaching overall a harmonious sensation.


italian marble vase

The marble vases are works which enhance their content and embellish the surrounding location.