Marble furniture and decor made in Italy | Arte 2000
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Decorative Elements



Functional marble products, ornamental furnishings accessories or decorative elements related to the building which are realized in the style able to adapt to your taste, preferences and to the location where you live.

For every doubts and requirements, Stefano Facchini is at your disposal to help and to recommend you during the choice, suggesting the best technical and aesthetic solution also to satisfy the functional needs.


marble decor


Tables and coffee tables

For dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens and any other interior and exterior locations we realize:

  • tables and coffee tables complete of bases and top
  • bases that can be matched to elegant crystal tops which are delicate to clean and to use but that allow to admire the complete elegance of the bases; normally, the bases for the rectangular tables are realized in pair, with external carved faces, adorned and decorated or as a unique central element, for example, in case of round and oval tables
  • marble tops in a unique piece with bull nose, half bull nose and beveled edge or with bas relief decoration around the perimeter
  • lightened marble tops: they are realized with thinner thicknesses and strengthening steel slabs hidden from view, to guarantee a greater lightness to the aesthetic result
  • garden tables with working of horizontal sundial


Vases, planters and bowls

We create vases of all kinds and styles:

  • planters to hold plants
  • ornamental vases to be placed above the pillars of the monumental fountains
  • vases used as decorative objects for classic locations
  • bowls to hold objects, plants or used to accommodate personal items
  • mortars with pestle to crumble the spices, inspired by the typical vintage bowls
  • ornamental vases for elegant halls
  • lightened and internally emptied vases to facilitate the handling



Holy water fonts

In the past these bowls were located in the churches to hold the holy water. We can realize every type of font:

  • functional in the religious locations, real works to hold the holy water
  • ornamental and decorative to be placed in the halls and entrances of private or public villas and buildings
  • shell valve-shaped of small dimensions to be used as ornamental decorative object


Kitchen sinks, bath sinks, bathtubs

To complete the kitchens and the bathrooms, we create ornamental furnishings elements in a unique monolithic piece:

  • sinks with one or two tanks with lateral water drip
  • kitchen top coordinated with the sink
  • chiselled sinks for rustic locations
  • sinks in minimalist style
  • monolithic sinks complete of base
  • sinks of different thicknesses
  • bathtubs in a unique monolithic piece


Bas reliefs, engravings, inlaying, sundials and emblems

Over the years we have specialized in the realization of different bas and high reliefs and of engravings on any type of marble, representing all kinds of figures: human, animals, floral and abstract. We work with inlaying techniques, setting elements of different materials in one unique. We decorate writings or particular ornaments with colored weatherproof enamels. Every manufacturing phase is handmade with artisanal and traditional techniques.
We realize:

  • bas reliefs of every dimension, to set or to fix on the walls of private houses, of public buildings or on other products
  • sundials to fix on the exterior walls of the houses
  • horizontal sundials also with function of garden table
  • noble blazons
  • symbolic emblems of nations, corporations or other figures according to the customer tastes
  • button panels for bells and plates for letterbox and house number
  • bas reliefs and memorial plates
  • advertising signs for companies and shops
  • bas reliefs with writings and decorations for the entrance of houses or shops
  • religious bas reliefs with holy figures
  • bas reliefs representing the Lion of Saint Mark in different variants and shapes


Decorations and masks

These products are used as decoration and ornament to fix or they can be directly carved on other works. In the furnishings, for example, the following elements are very used:

  • lion heads and paws for abutments and architraves of the fireplaces , for table and consolle bases
  • ornamental floral decorations for every type of product, for example, regarding the wall fountains, the ornament for the hole from where the water comes out
  • cornices and edges for different products, for example, mirrors, shelves edges, table tops, sinks and fireplaces
  • masks for round and wall fountains with hole passing through the middle of the mouth allowing water to come out and representing heads of humans, animals or mythological figures



For private and public gardens we realize:

  • benches complete of seat, back and bases
  • bases and seats
  • circular or semicircular benches, with coordinated dinner table


Elements of architecture

We can realize custom-made monolithic elements of architecture, for example:

  • shelf holder to support works for interior and exterior
  • ornamental elements for balconies and terraces
  • arches of different styles with or without ornamental keystone
  • pilasters
  • cornices
  • gargoyles
  • windowsills
  • doorsteps
  • window cornices
  • window holes with two, three and four arches
  • shaped edges
  • garden edges
  • sleeves for walls
  • pillars and portals for entrances
  • pinnacles for roofs
  • roses and pediments to crown the houses facades



For interior and exterior locations we realize columns and pillars, both supporting and ornamental. The columns can be created with linear, fluted and tapered shafts and with capitals inspired by different architectural styles, as the classic Greek but we can also realize the capitals with different shapes and decorations according to the customer requirements. Sometimes, we are asked to empty the columns inside for the insertion of supporting steel structures.


We have realized twelve majestic columns in Rouge Griotte marble for which we have also studied the insertion of steel supporting structures passing internally. View the case history




For the balustrades of stairs, terraces, balconies and galleries, we create the different elements that compose them: thin pillars, balustrades, pillars, handrail and custom-made bases.


Customized objects

We plan elegant marble works which can be customized in every aspect and we take care of the realization always guaranteeing the artisan handmade manufacturing. The objects can be created in a unique piece for special gifts on the occasion of events or festivity, otherwise in more pieces, which are identical to the same model, for exclusive presents. In case of company gadgets we can carve or engrave the trademark.


The charm of the marble that lasts over time and remains with you.