10 extraordinary Venetian villas in the province of Treviso
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Villa Loredan Gasparini in Volpago del Montello

10 extraordinary Venetian villas in the province of Treviso

The countrysides and the hills of the area around Treviso have always fascinated the Venetian aristocrats of the Serenissima Republic who between 1400 and 1800 have chosen to invest their wealth. In the picturesque landscape of the province of Treviso, lovers of history and architectural and artistic beauty can admire countless Venetian villas. Famous Venetian artists and writers have exalted them in their works making them known all over the world; some are protected by the Regional Institute of Venetian Villas. Those designed by Palladio, the prestigious Palladian villas, are UNESCO World Heritage. Even the beautiful parks and gardens with statues, fountains and centuries-old trees are really suggestive; many villas have been transformed into beautiful and relaxing resorts, farms and wineries with products of excellence or used for weddings, restaurant with typical Venetian cuisine and cultural events.

Cover photograph: Villa Loredan Gasparini a Volpago del Montello

Selection of 10 famous Venetian villas in the area around Treviso

Villa Barbaro in Maser

Villa Barbaro in Maser. Picture of Paolo Bonavoglia – bicicletta.bonavoglia.eu

  • Villa Emo in Fanzolo di Vedelago designed by Palladio.
  • Villa Tiepolo Passi a Carbonera Is in Venetian-baroque style and has an extraordinary Italian garden with a stone fountain in the middle, regular and geometric box hedges and centuries-old plants. It’s a property bound by the Cultural Heritage Superintendence. It is the location of the Venetian Villas Association and a farm that produces organic products.
Villa Tiepolo in Carbonera

Villa Tiepolo in Carbonera. Picture of Paolo Bonavoglia – bicicletta.bonavoglia.eu

  • Villa Sandi in Crocetta del Montello is in Palladian style and is located in an enchanting place in the middle of the vineyards, between the Montello and the Piave river. It is the headquarters of the winery of the same name where a suggestive path, through the galleries dating back to the First World War, connects the villa to the historical underground cellars.
Villa Sandi in Crocetta del Montello

Villa Sandi in Crocetta del Montello

  • Villa Spineda Gasparini Loredan in Volpago del Montello recalls the Palladian style. It has a dominical body in the center, two independent side colonnade and a noble chapel on a circular plan. It is used for cultural, social and sporting events in an ambiance that has always been very scenic.
  • Villa Giustinian in Roncade, called Castello di Roncade, is the only Venetian villa surrounded by medieval walls with towers and defensive towers. It has spectacular gardens with numerous statues.
Villa Giustinian in Roncade

Villa Giustinian in Roncade. Picture of Paolo Bonavoglia – bicicletta.bonavoglia.eu

  • Villa Morosini Lucheschi Valforte in Colle Umberto is situated on a hill in the prestigious Prosecco territory, UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is known for having been the location of the Supreme Command of Austro-Hungarian aviation during the Great War and having hosted the King of Italy Vittorio Emanuele II together with Prince Umberto I, name also given to the town. The gardens have ornamental works in stone, large magnolias and a unique grassy path that descends towards the valley bordered by pines and cypresses.
Villa Morosini Lucheschi Colle Umberto

Villa Morosini Lucheschi in Colle Umberto

  • Villa Fabris called “Casa del Tiziano” in Colle Umberto is located in Col di Manza and was the mainland home of the artist painter Tiziano Vecellio from Belluno. The villa has been modified over the years by the current Fabris family.
  • Castelbrando in Cison di Valmarino is at the foot of the Prealps, clinging to a panoramic and suggestive spur. The area has been frequented since the Paleoveneto period and the construction of a real fortification took place in the early Middle Ages. Between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, during the Venetian domination, it was enlarged and transformed by the Brandolini family into a noble palace in the style of the Venetian villas; the ancient name was Castle Brandolini. The walk called “Via dell’acqua” in the forest, which starts from the center of the village and runs parallel to the stream between ancient mills, is an unforgettable spectacle.
Castelbrando in Cison di Valmarino

Castelbrando in Cison di Valmarino

  • Castello Papadopoli Giol in San Polo di Piave is considered a Venetian villa even if the style is completely different. The Papadopoli family, coming from the East and owner of a palace on the Grand Canal, wanted to recall its origins.
Villa Papadopoli Giol in San Polo di Piave

Villa Papadopoli Giol in San Polo di Piave

In order to create the stone works in classical style we are often inspired by those of the Venetian villas and ancient gardens, in particular the fireplaces, the fountains, the pools, the wells and the vases. We study the historical context and the ancient manufacturing techniques to achieve a realistic result. To see some of our works, we invite you to visit garden fountains and landscape design.

This information are purely indicative, for visits it is necessary to contact the owners or the authorities.

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